3D Hull Digitazing

p1050271Old and hystorical vessels, both of commercial and pleasure use, are quite often not provided with the necessary information to carry out stability and / or structural calculations which may be needed during refitting or upgrade works.

It may happen only hard copies of the body plan and hydrostatic data are available. Medea has in this case a “well tested” experience in hull and tanks CAD Building and Calibration procedure where the final output are submitted to and approved by the Classification Society of the vessel.

But sometimes there is no any piece of paper, such as the case of this Bermudian cutter built in 1937, to rely on.

Our motto “we engineer your needs” has been proven so far.

In this respect Medea has been able to:

to build a 3D hull model of the hull by using photogrammetry techniques;

to provide notable lines and dimensions to be cross-checked with measurements taken on site;

to tune the 3D model with real dimensions;

to provide 3D rendered views;

to provide 3D CAD drawings and 2D General Arrangements and Layouts;

while, by means of the 3D model, it is also possible to:

  • 1) use it for presentation of the project with rendered view
  • 2) extract notable curves and surfaces to draw layouts / sections and profiles
  • 3) measure external and internal surfaces and lines (to quantify paint/vanishing/caulking / weight of boards etc.)
  • 4) use it, if necessary, for stability calculation
3D Hull Digitazing