DP VESSELS: technologies and management systems – ATENA Conference held by MEDEA Srl.

IMG_0309bWednesday, May 20, 2015 – “Aula Grande” of the University Parthenope of Napoli – It was held an interesting meeting between ATHENA and MEDEA Srl (engineering company highly specialized DP systems and offshore units) entitled: DP VESSELS: Technologies and Management.

The meeting was strongly asked by Atena and well received by Medea and marks the first step in Italy in the disclosure of a technical topic, DP Vessels, which is  already matter of frequent periodic meetings and conferences all around north Europe. Highly specialized ships such as cable-laying, pipe-laying, drilling ships, research vessels, etc. are fitted with dynamic positioning systems, which are gradually spreading also on other types of units such as cruise ships, which have the need to position, without damaging them, at the reefs.

Mr. Gennaro Russolillo, Managing Director of Medea srl, illustrated the technical and managerial aspects related to this type of technology. But what is a Dynamic Positioning system? The dynamic positioning system (DP) is an electronically controlled system that automatically maintains the position and angle of direction of the unit by means of its own propulsion propellers and maneuvering.

The current world scenario, has seen in recent years an increase in the number of ships DP on the market thanks to their special ability to:

I.           Maneuver with extreme precision;

II.            Maintain the ship’s position;

III.             Following a route with great precision.

all above are skills necessary to operate near of platforms, for operations “ship to ship” and for other marine operations that require high capacity maintenance of the ship’s position. “The world of the DP is a complex world where the critical issues and risks involved in the operations under the control of the DP are significant and may have impact on the environment, property and human life at sea. Only thorough knowledge of the principles and the regulatory framework may allow at builders and operators an effective management and with minimal risk “, says Gennaro Russolillo who, with his Medea Srl company, is operating for many years in the industry over the years s

ecializing in Offshore design and consultancy for offshore vessels.

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See short presentation of the subject here.

DP VESSELS: technologies and management systems – ATENA Conference held by MEDEA Srl.