Issuance of the “Polar Ship Certificate”

The essential aspects of the Polar Code have been illustrated in a previous article (read more).

By January 1st 2017, all the vessels intended to operate in polar waters, i.e. across the 60° parallel North or South with some exemptions, are to be provided with the Polar Ship Certificate (PSC) issued by the Administration.

The certification approach is basically similar to the issuance of Safety Equipment Certificate, but consequent to the verification of the requirements of Polar Code which drawn in consideration structural, stability, pollution prevention and, in particular, operations issues other the safety matters.

Medea personnel, with a consolidated experience in design of ice class ships and management of operations in polar waters, has already faced with the multi-disciplinary topics of the Polar Code, having provided a gap analysis for existing vessels. In particular, the study allowed the Client to define all the steps for the correct application of surveys for the issuance of the Polar Ship Certificate: the final scope was the definition of the operational limits, the technical upgrades and retrofits with the relevant scope of supply and the consequential economical and budgetary aspects.

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Issuance of the “Polar Ship Certificate”