Medea & University: Master thesis project of a Diving Support Vessel (DSV) by Mattia De Rosa

This 2018 was really satisfactory for Us. We had a good feedback on budget, completed work and satisfied customers, but that’s not all.

This was a year full of concrete experiences for our university’s students.

For years Medea brings students to get in touch with the future that awaits them, thanks to a partnership agreement with the Universities of Naples “Federico II” and “Parthenope”.

Who knows us knows how much we care about training, especially the preparation for the working life. We try, through our training courses, to transmit at  young graduates a precious baggage of knowledge for their future.

With great satisfaction we announce the achieving for Mattia De Rosa of the Master’s degree in Naval Engineering, with the highest marks.

The neo-engineer’s degree thesis was based on the study of a Diving Support vessel (DSV), a type of vessel * with which Medea has to do daily in his work of consultancy.

The main topics discussed in the thesis:

  • Preliminary definition of dimensions and weights
  • Ratings on propulsion and choice of thrusters
  • Stability analysis and structural sizing
  • Finite element analysis of a ship block with comparison of the regulatory calculations
  • Estimation of ship costs

The internship plan for the student included practise on structural analysis of cylindrical blocks and the preparation of a DSV security plan.

The technical Department staff was very satisfied for the collaboration and the commitment of Mattia during the training sessions.

We do our best wishes to Eng. Mattia De Rosa sure that his passion for the sea and the nautical world will guide him towards a brilliant future.

Medea & University: Master thesis project of a Diving Support Vessel (DSV) by Mattia De Rosa