IMCA Common Marine Inspections


The purpose of the Common Marine Inspection Document (the ‘CMID’) is to provide an industry format for vessel inspection reports and to reduce the number of inspections carried out on individual marine vessels, together with the adoption of a common inspection standard for the offshore marine industry.

The CMID’s inspections are carried out periodically (annually).

A significant part of the international offshore industry has accepted this document as the standard for vessel inspections and, as such, when requesting copies of recent inspections they will expect them to be in this format.

Medea is an independet company and an IMCA member and is entitled to carry out CMID audits. Read more about our AVI

In auditing your vessel, Medea will notify any non conformances immediately and will issue a full report including colour photography. If required Medea can update the e-CMID IMCA Database website (for more details, please visit

In case Medea CMID service is requested applied to a fleet, Medea can manage due dates and advices you in advance of survey dates, to assist you with planning and to facilitate vessel availability.

IMCA Common Marine Inspections