Digitalizzazione 3D scafo

  • Name of Project: 3D Hull Modeling of a Bermudian cutter built in 1937
  • Scope of Work: to build a 3D hull model of the hull by using photogrammetry techniques;
    to provide notable lines and dimensions to be cross-checked with measurements taken on site;
    to tune the 3D model with real dimensions;
    to provide 3D rendered views;
    to provide 3D CAD drawings and 2D General Arrangements and Layouts.
  • Output Documentation: General Arrangement, Deck Layout, preliminary Body Plan, Rendered views
  • Additional Works: 1) use it for presentation of the project with rendered view
    2) extract notable curves and surfaces to draw layouts / sections and profiles
    3) measure external and internal surfaces and lines (to quantify paint/vanishing/caulking / weight of boards etc.)
    4) use it, if necessary, for stability calculation