MEDEA srl provides engineering and design services across the shipping, oil & gas and renewables sectors.

Our team of engineers and naval architects are commonly engaged to assess any type of offshore structure and marine operation. 

Our sound knowledge of considerable experience of DP operations uphold the decision-making process in all our design projects, from minor upgrades and modifications through to new-build and conversion projects.

We work with a wide range of Clients, providing them through-life support to both maintain their vessels/assets and to provide engineering backup for the projects in which they are involved.



Dynamic Analysis

By the adoption of the state-of-the-art tools, well recognised in the offshore & renewable markets, we calculates loadings and response for any wet body due to surface water waves via potential flow theory and performs global static and dynamic analysis of a wide range of offshore systems, typically including boundary conditions such as vessels, buoys, floating wind turbines, hoses, cables, pipes etc., as well as finite element modelling of line structures.

Mooring Analysis

We have developed skills and methods for the analysis of moored systems aimed to the optimisation of port layout, comparison of mooring systems, design of mooring layouts, structural design and verification of mooring facilities, analysis of vessel movements in compliance to the state-of-the-art recognized standards.

3D Models & Rendering

We can design prototypes of any marine geometry both for the creation of digital twins and for any technical marine illustration purpose.

Failure Mode and Effect Analyses (FMEA)

“Cost-effective and high-standard” Failure Mode and Effect Analyses for DP vessels, HSC units, Pipe Laying & Cable Laying Systems, Spread Mooring Systems, Offshore Access Sytems, Offshore Lifting etc. read more…

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

We offer design analyses and verification of offshore structures. We combine state-of-the-art computer modelling techniques with practical hand-on knowledge.

Guidelines, Specifications & Manuals

Bridging Documents, Technical Specifications and Operation Manuals including procedures, forms and instruction according to any given reference standard: e.g. DP Operations Manual, SEEMP, BWMP, Lifting Procedures, etc.

Stability & Strength

Intact Stability, Damage Stability (deterministic and probabilistic), Inclining Test, Draft Survey, Longitudinal Strenght Calculation.

General Drawings, Scheme & Plans

General Arrangements, Safety Plans, Fire Plans, System Schemes, Mechanical Drawings and Assemblies according to any specification / rules.

Structural Design & Engineering

Structural Design, Structural Drawings, Structural Calculations, Bill of Material, Deck Lay-out, Mob/Demob Engineering assistance, Support documentation for Stability and Strenght assessment, Prototypes and Feasibility.

Offshore Lifting Appliances: Design & Manuals

Proven capacity with design of offshore lifting appliances (A-frame, cranes etc.) kept up with most updated rules framework. Provision of all relevant manuals and procedures for marine lifting operations.


Dynamic Positioning

DP Trials, DP Annual Audit, FMEA Proving Trials, DP Capability Plots according to the latest and the highest industry standards and guidelines.

Deadweight Increase Feasibility

Feasibility Study, Freeboard Calculation Review, Advice about Possible Increment of Deadweight and necessary upgrade works, EN Check,  Stability Check, Longitudinal Strength Verification, Structural Check of the Main Section due to the variation of the hydrostatic head.

Marine Software

Development of soft tools for marine application: in particular for offshore-specific management systems. read more…

St Vincent and The Grenadines Flag Inspections

As Non-Exclusive Surveyor (NES), our personnel is entitled to inspect vessels flying the Flag of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Naples and the West Italian Coast on behalf of the Maritime more…

e-Common Marine Inspection Document (eCMID)

IMCA’s electronic Common Marine Inspection Document (eCMID) carried out by our Accredited Vessel Inspector (AVI). read more…

Surveys, Inspections & Audits

Condition Survey, Suitability Survey, Safety Survey, ISM Audits, On-hire / Off-hire Inspection, Pre-Purchase Assessment, etc. done by personnel with more than 20 years practical experience.

Yard Superintendence & Project Management

Experienced and skilled personnel to ensure your project stays on target when deadlines are tight and time in port is limited.