Focus sulla documentazione DP

While the review of the IMO Circular 645 – Guidelines for vessels with Dynamic Positioning systems – is expected to be reviewed in 2017 bringing important key elements in the design and operation of DP vessel (see our article dated on 9 Sep 2015), we continue on promulgating DP concepts and DP awareness to all our Customers and Followers. In this article we focus on the main non conformities to be avoided in the management of DP documentation. The following table gives some bad-habits to be avoided:

  • FMEA

    Other name: Faiulure Mode and Effect Analysis

    Common Non Conformity:

    Not available in office / on board (while it is class mandatory for DP2 and DP3)
    Not according a recognised standard (e.g. IMCA)
    Lack of post-failure assessment
    Not validated after 5-years or system changes
    Fmea prepared not by competent third party
  • Test Programme

    Other name: FMEA Proving Trials

    Not covering all systems / aspects
    Obtained results not consistent
  • DP Annual Audit

    Other name: Annual DP Trials

    Not carried out at +/- 3months form the annyversary date of the FMEA proving trials
    Obtained results not consistent
  • DP Operations Manual

    Other name: DPOM

    Not class approved
    Not covering all industrial missions of the vessel
    Not vessel specific
    Not including risk assessment (e.g. ASOG)
    No evidence of DP Maintenance
    No DP footprint verification
    No Emergency procedures / drills
Focus sulla documentazione DP