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Rimodernamento Yacht

Medea’s services and skills has been recently borrowed to yacthing: Project Planning, Cost Budgeting, Design Capability and Technical Superintendance have been applied for this 6-months project of renovation and renewal of the 30m pleasure vessel designated as MY Bajos. In return…

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Offshore Lifting & Rigging

While the offshore lifting and rigging operations become more and more sensitive topic, IMCA announces the Crane and Winch Operations Workgroup (CWOW) as their core activities. The recent attention of the stakeholders of the wind farm market on the OAS (Offshore…

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NAVI A POSIZIONAMENTO DINAMICO: tecnologie e gestione dei sistemi DP – Incontro MEDEA Srl & ATENA NAPOLI

Il giorno mercoledì 20 maggio 2015 presso l’Aula Grande dell’Università Parthenope di Napoli si è tenuto un interessante incontro tra ATENA e MEDEA Srl (società d’ingegneria altamente specializzata nei sistemi DP ed unità offshore) dal titolo: NAVI A POSIZIONAMENTO DINAMICO:…

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