• Name of Project: DP Cirrus - Conversion and refitting
  • Scope of Work: In 2014/2015 the Vessel was extensively upgraded and fitted with: new accommodation module, new KM DP2 system, new HiPAP, new Deck Crane, new bow azi thrusters, superintendence on site.
  • Steel work (general): Renewal of corroded steel (UTM, Planning and cost estimation).
  • Steel work (crane foundation): NEW FOUNDATION CRANE SWL 35 t @20m; Feasibility; 3D model existing structure; Design of foundation; FEM Analysis; Class approval; Logistic for crane-shipment.
  • Steel work (azimuth foundation): Feasibility; 3D model existing structure; Design of foundation; Class approval; Logistic for azimuth-shipment.
  • Stability Booklet: Hull Geometry; Hull & Tank calibration; SPS Code; New Bhd & Fixed ballast requirements.
  • New Accommodation Module: Feasibility (aft deck visibility vs max cabin space vs min cargo area loss); 3D model; FEM; Lifting calculation; Yard spec.
  • Shipyard: Western Shipyard - Minijos str. 180, LT-93269 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Nome Nave: DP CIRRUS Lunghezza F.T.: 80.77 m
Classe: C supply vessel- rescue – stand-by – research ship – unrestricted navigation – DYNAPOS AM/AT R, AUT-UMS – R.I.Na.
Larghezza: 18.00 m
Bandiera: ITALIA Altezza: 7.10 m
DP CIRRUS – Italian Flag – DP2 – (yard: WSY Klaipeda) – SPS