Offshore Lifting & Rigging ops.

While the offshore lifting and rigging operations become more and more sensitive topic, IMCA announces the Crane and Winch Operations Workgroup (CWOW) as their core activities.

The recent attention of the stakeholders of the wind farm market on the OAS (Offshore Access Systems) lead to the new rules coming in force such as

  • DNVGL-ST-0358 “Certification of offshore gangways for personnel transfer”;
  • W2W JIP “Gangway Access to Offshore Facilities – Industry Guidance” by DNG-GL.

Furthermore the lack of reference standards wihitin the Classification Societies publications about the “offshore lifting” has been covered in 2016 at last.

So actually the design and the operations related to the lifting appear to be now well addressed and Medea follows closely all the updates.

Active Compensated Gangways, Crane Capability Vs Sea state, Vertical Spring Rate, Wave Significant Height, DAF (dynamic amplification factor), Heavy Lifting Procedures are now hot topics.

We in Medea have proven capcity with design of lifting appliances (see our portfolio) and keep up with all this framework and have recently designed an A-frame for offshore operations according to the freshly launched Rina RES13 Rules for Loading and Unloading Arrangements and for other Lifting Appliances on Board Ships, effective from 1 January 2016.

Here a clip about our earliest project.

Click here for more details about the project: “Offshore A-frame 15t @1.8m Hsig

Offshore Lifting & Rigging ops.